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Featured Young Filmmaker: Ryan Patrick Walsh

“Never be too big headed and never think that you know everything. Everyone has something to teach you.” Ryan Patrick Walsh

Well hey, that’s the point of this blog, right?! To learn from our fellow filmmakers. Which is why each month I will be featuring a young filmmaker!

This month’s young filmmaker is Ryan Patrick Walsh.

Ryan graduated from Michigan State University several months ago with a degree in Media Arts and Technology. He also earned a minor in Film Studies and a specialization in Fiction Film Production. He plans to move out to New York City in several months to start his career.

Why New York instead of the typical destination, Los Angeles?

They are both on the list for sure. The bad thing about New York is it’s more writing and TV focused than it is on film. But it’s still a big market for doing video work. It’s not something I’m interested in doing forever but starting out it gives you this wealth of knowledge working with other people, either doing music videos or spotlights. It helps to build up your name for when you want to be a DP in a film later on. You’ll have more clout in the professional world.

What has been your biggest challenge in filmmaking?

Producing your own material. Because no one is going to be as interested in your own material as you are. And it’s really hard just to put together if you don’t know what you are doing and working on a limited budget. It can be both daunting and disenfranchising.

So when looking for people to work with you on your films, do you consider their passion for the project?

Oh yeah, hugely. I would rather have someone who is less experienced but more like-minded to me or at least to the project and willing to work their ass off. Especially when you don’t have money to pay them, to work their ass off for free. That they believe in you and in the project.

What’s the biggest mistake that you learned from that you’ve made in working on a project.

Everything is a lesson worth having learned. Perhaps there have been times when I could have enjoyed the process more.

If you could give advice to other young filmmakers, what would it be?

Number one is don’t rely on your teachers or your school to teach you everything about film and filmmaking. That’s a big one.

Number two is find a good community either locally or in your college or wherever you are making films. Or find a good forum online. I’ve found countless number of times where I’ve brought questions to people online or in my film community and it has really come a long way. (Ryan recommends this online forum when looking for help).

A third one is never be too big headed and never think that you know everything. Everyone has something to teach you.

Check out this short film from Ryan Patrick Walsh. (He recommends using headphones because of the audio mix).

Send me an email at youngfilmmakerin21stcentury@gmail.com if you would like to be considered as another featured young filmmaker!