Meet the Blogger and His Films

Dennis Corsi


Dennis Corsi

Meet Dennis Corsi, the author of this blog! He is currently studying film and theatre at Michigan State University.

Dennis founded the film and theatre production company Touch Your Soul Productions in the summer of 2011 and currently works as the artistic director of the company.

Homecoming Court name badge

As a member of Michigan State University’s Homecoming Court, Dennis proudly represents his school by attending important events, blogging about Michigan State, and maintaining a positive presence on campus.

As well as being a filmmaker, Dennis is also an actor on both stage and screen. In October, 2012 he will be playing to role of Tuzenbach from Checkhov’s “Three Sisters” a dream role of his.

Current Projects

Dennis Corsi was production coordinator and still photographer for a Sigur Ros music video that is in the process of being edited. Here are some photos he took as well as a poster he created.

Poster designed by Dennis Corsi

Light Wall built in a warehouse in Detroit, Michigan

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Ranch in Midland, Michigan

Web Series Thee Manor 66 created by, directed, edited, and acted in by Dennis Corsi.

Dennis’ YouTube Vlog

Recent Work

Music Video directed, edited, and acted in by Dennis Corsi.

Short Film written, directed, edited, and acted in by Dennis Corsi.

Connect with Dennis

View Seelio Profile

Twitter – @rebelpenguingrr

View LinkedIn Profile


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